Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?
Breakfast is viewed by many people as an essential start to the day. Medical experts have warned that skipping breakfast causes people to consume more snacks, resulting in weight gains. Proponents of breakfasts claim that people need to replenish their energy, which was depleted overnight, in order to have a productive day as well as stay in shape.
BOK Slashes Growth Projection Again
Hyundai's Sales in China Fall Further
Moscow Confirms Putin-Kim Jong-un Summit
Hyundai Bolsters Lineup with Entry-Level SUV
Orion Sells More Choco Pies in Vietnam Than in Korea
Hyundai, Kia Start Selling LPG Sedans to Ordinary Customers
Seoul, Washington Stumped by N.Korean Missile Launch
The U.S., South Korea and Japan are scrambling to identify a "tactical guided weapon" that North Korea tested on Wednesday in a launch that seems to have taken all three by surprise.
N.Korean Regime Calls for Urgent Food Imports
The North Korean regime believes imports are "urgently needed" to stem a potential food crisis in the renegade country, according to a leaked document. The country's grain production fell about 10 percent last year.
Screen Troubles Emerge in Samsung's New Foldable Phone
Samsung's eye-wateringly expensive foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, took a beating from U.S. media on Wednesday over problems with the screen. Some were the users' own fault, but others pointed to problems with quality control.