Many Young Koreans Yearn for Life Abroad
Increasingly popular overseas travel often whets young Koreans' appetite for a new life abroad, and dreaming about it can offer respite from the grim realities at home. The main reason is that a growing number of younger people spend time overseas studying, traveling or getting job experience on working holiday visas, which opens their minds to other places and cultures.
Park Has Trouble Finding New Defense Lawyers
Home Prices Surge in Big Cities, Jeju
U.S. Navy Commander Names N.Korea as No.1 Threat
THAAD Battery to Be up and Running 'in a Few Days'
Missing Ferry Disaster Victim's School Uniform Found
LG Posts Improved Quarterly Profit Due to Robust Sales of Home Appliances
Korea Unveils Driverless Spy Boat
South Korea on Thursday unveiled a driverless boat that will carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions in waters near the Northern Limit Line, the de facto sea border with North Korea.
N.Korean Hackers Stole Over W90 Million from Banks
North Korean hackers are believed to have stolen more than US$90 million from banks overseas last year, computer security firm Symantec said Wednesday. Symantec analyzed cyber crimes around the world last year.
IT Parts, Chemical Companies Enjoy Bumper Earnings
Korean exporters of parts and materials for mobile phones and other gadgets as well as chemicals and steel are achieving record-high earnings. Samsung Electronics said Thursday that first-quarter revenues totaled W50.6 trillion.